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Pixeldolls 10L$ sale – Stella di Roccia skins

Pixeldolls are retiring a lot of their older items. Already, they have switched out one set of items for another in their sale location, and at the back of this new lot are Mar’s beloved Stella di Roccia II skins, at 10L$ per pack! You really want to run for these, as they’re gorgeous skins. Here is Mar, modelling just a few of the makeup options, in her favourite skintones:

I’m just showing you the plum lip colour (because it goes with Mar’s hair!) but you also get crimson, nude, and lined, and all of them in freckled and unfreckled versions. Along with those, each pack also contains a nice bald base with great eyebrows (Mar’s wearing that, too), and a set of prim lashes. Here’s a typical full pack that you’ll get for your 10L$ –

Your direct taxi to the sale is here, and the skins are at the back of the room on both sides. Behind the cut (Not Safe For Work image!) is a screenshot of what you’re looking for:

Make sure you check out the rest of the sale boards, too. There are some fab goodies to be had!


July 12, 2009 - Posted by | limited time offers, sales, second life, skins

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