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Rockberry’s lucky boards and Waka & Yuki free hair

Five minutes of stalking the lucky boards and lucky chair at Rockberry paid off for Mar. The boards turned over onto ‘M’ twice, and she got these two lovely skins:

Walk to the back of the Rockberry store, then turn around to face the front, and you’ll see the boards and chair:

The hair comes from the freebie and dollarbie stall that Waka & Yuki have outside the Peppermint Blue Free Store. Take the blue TP pads up to the store, then turn right and head to the first market stall that you see:

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An endless summer at Poetic Colors

UPDATE: These eyes are no longer available. Currently, while the Slice of Summer hunt is running, you can find a free-to-buy watermelon in-store that contains a pair of Poetic Colors’ eyes, and there is usually a freebie in-store most of the time.

Poetic Colors have a beautiful free pair of eyes called ‘Endless Summer’ available for a limited time:

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Clearly Minty

I’m showcasing another lovely free ‘Newbie Assistance Pack’ from Peppermint Blue today. These are available to everyone, so don’t think because you’re not a newbie you can’t get them!

They can all be found at the Peppermint Blue Re:) Free Store (remember to take the blue TP pads up to the store). The one I’m showcasing here is the 090703 pack, and it’s a lovely summery outfit in pale blue:

The hair in the above pics is from House of Heart‘s new release gift for July 3rd. You can find it on an easel in the long hair section of the store.

Poses are from Striking Poses: Monica Bellucci dollarbie (right) and Gisele Bundchen #10 (left).

There’s a lot more in the Peppermint Blue pack than I’m showing here, including skins and shapes. Hop behind the cut for a screenshot of the enormous amount of items you’ll get.

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Oh, say can you see…

You really don’t need another July 4th outfit, do you? ;)

Well here’s a great free one, from Twisted and Spoiled. I found it on XstreetSL and had to bring it to the attention of my American readers nice and early, so they could wear it today. Find the XstreetSL listing, here.

The dress comes with two variants: the longer skirt you see on the left, and the mini skirt on the right. There are two glitch pants layers: one with a belt and one without. Top hat, feather boa, stockings, gloves and diamond choker are all included. What a great freebie!

The hair is from the special 4th July freebie pack from Bewitched Hair and the boots are the 40L$ ‘Neo’ boots from House of Curios, both blogged here.

Poses used are by Striking Poses (Charlize Theron set, No’s 3 and 5).

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