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The XStreet SL Newbie

Think you have to hop around tons of stores in-world in order to look good?

Think again.

Head over to Xstreet SL. It’s Second Life’s official out-world shopping area. Log into it using your avatar name and password (the same ones you use when you log into SL itself) and click the ‘Marketplace’ button. There’s a LOT of free stuff available. Yes, some of it’s crappy, a lot of it is demos (a tip is to use boolean search operators to weed those out, so if you want free skins type in +skin -demo -demos) but there are some gems out there.

I thought I’d try to equip a female avatar with all the basics, for nothing at all. Did I manage to do it? Hop behind the cut and see ;)

First of all, the newbie stands and default walk had to go. There was a great basic AO from Vista Animations (one of the top animators in SL) for 1L$, but I wanted completely FREE. So I found the Bright AO. Bright offers great free gadgets and other things in SL, and their AO is easy to use, has gestures built in, and you can add animations to it as you go along.

Once you’ve found the item and clicked to read the full description, click the ‘Buy now’ button. The merchant’s ‘Magic box’ will send you the item in-world. Please remember that, just like IMs, item deliveries can cap out, sometimes as low as 25 items, so it’s best to embark on large Xstreet shopping sprees while you’re logged in-world and can accept everything as it arrives:

L-R: newbie stands, receiving the AO from Bright’s Xstreel SL Magic Box, unpacking it, and one of the poses inside:

From then on, the world (OK, all of Xstreet) is your freebie oyster. I hunted for free skins and found some great ones. The ones I’m using for this post are Tuty’s Jing Oriental freebie skins. But I also found Tuty’s Jessica goth skins, plus four sets of skins from [lessthanthree] (one, two, three, and four).

As for shapes, I plumped for Fools Fate Freebie Shape #2, which is a lovely elegant one. Eyes were harder to find, but after buying a few freebies I settled on the Green eyes from Meimu.

Hair! Some gorgeous freebies here. I found Freebie02 and Freebie03, both by Dufaux. And the lovely fatpack of elegant hair by Marinoco Fashion.

That’s the basics dealt with. The clothing is entirely up to you! Remember to try lots of different search terms, sort by price (low to high) and read reviews if they’ve been left. Xstreet SL takes a little bit of getting used to, with regard to its peculiarities and quirks when searching, but you can find some great stuff there.

Here are just a few completely free looks I’ve put together. First up: skin from Tuty, hair from Dufaux, shoes from SIN, and a dress by MrS:

Hair, skin and shoes as before, but the top is by Mirel Yao, the pants are by Luci Flow, and the dress is by DBJ:

Switching to the Marinoco Fashion hair, the outfits from L-R here are as follows: blue dress by MrS,  pink cocktail dress by Soraya Shan, jeans by Roko Johin and top from the Golden Gown by DeedeeBookmite. Shoes are from the Classic Pumps and Open Toe High Heel Pumps fatpacks by Roslynd Turbo. Jewellery is in the next pic:

Finally, and more formally, skin and hair as above. Long dress is the Black Gown with Silver Borders from Marinoco Fashion, and the other outfit (in its entirety, including shoes, bag, and the jewellery featured in other pics) is the Little Black Dress from Topaz Square:

June 27, 2009 - Posted by | accessories, AOs, bags, dresses, freebies, hair, jewellery, newbies, second life, shapes, shoes, skins, Xstreet SL


  1. The tip on how to weed out demos is invaluable to me. They waste so much screen space when I’m checking on the new freebies!

    Comment by Jane Primrose | June 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. Yes, they do, Jane. Unfortunately, that trick won’t weed them all out (it won’t catch, for example, people using ‘demo_version’ in the description) but it will catch most of them. Similarly, if you’re getting a lot of useless results from one place (such as 20 pages of individually-sold textures from the same vendor), you can use the ‘-‘ boolean to get rid of them, using a word that’s common to all the descriptions.

    Comment by Mar | June 28, 2009 | Reply

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