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The XStreet SL Newbie

Think you have to hop around tons of stores in-world in order to look good?

Think again.

Head over to Xstreet SL. It’s Second Life’s official out-world shopping area. Log into it using your avatar name and password (the same ones you use when you log into SL itself) and click the ‘Marketplace’ button. There’s a LOT of free stuff available. Yes, some of it’s crappy, a lot of it is demos (a tip is to use boolean search operators to weed those out, so if you want free skins type in +skin -demo -demos) but there are some gems out there.

I thought I’d try to equip a female avatar with all the basics, for nothing at all. Did I manage to do it? Hop behind the cut and see ;)

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Blue, blue, Peppermint Blue

Saving the best for last today. Many of you have heard of Peppermint Blue, the great ‘Assistance Set’ place that offers limited time complete avatar kits for free. Well, they’ve re-opened after a remodel, and they have set out more than 130 kits on two floors of their new store.

You’ll land here, so take one of those blue teleporters to the store:

Many of these are complete avatar kits, for both males and females. You’ll get shapes, skins, eyes, shoes, hair, clothing, and all for free!

Guys, there’s a big section of great stuff for you, too:

Here’s Mar in just one of the many full avatar kits available there. Many of them come with multiple skin options and avatar sizes/shapes, as well as multiple eye options, and other useful gadgets like height meters. They really are excellent full starter kits for newbies (and anyone else!)

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[AV] has a junebug hunt running at their store in Lemania, until June 30th. I’m late to this one, but you’ve still got four days to get it done. It’s an easy hunt: just find six shimmering little junebugs in the store for 1L$ each, and you’ll get a lovely dress, coat, shoes, boots and jewellery:

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Heart & Sole 2000 member gift

It’s all about the special member gifts today!

Head to Heart & Sole (there’s a landing point, so follow the red beam or fly south to find the store). Click the Subscribo to join, then click again and select ‘history’ and look for the button marked “Let’s celebrate with free boots!”

This is the fabby gift you’ll get:

Psst! There’s also a free pair of black pumps to be had in the store, right by the subscribo.

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KMADD’s 10k members gift

KMADD, incorporating MADesigns, reached 10,000 group members on June 21st, and sent out a great gift for the guys in their group notices. Join the kMADd Enterprise group and check back in notice history for this Billy Boston ~ C2 ~ NB 111 hair-with-hat style:

The gift will remain in group notices for two weeks from the date it went in, so it’ll be gone by July 5th. Grab it fast! This is what you’re looking for in the notices:

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