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Info post: The Life Shop AO, debunked

It’s more than likely that in the past week or so you have seen, either in group chat or notecard sent out by group owners, an alert about the ‘Life Shop AO’. The alerts usually take the following alarmist format:

There have been some scripted attacks using the pretend “gift” tactic. Once you rez it if you have land rights you are in trouble, it can destroy your home, steal items, and take money from your account, it will turn you into a walking advert and dummy gift giver. The worst attacks required a sim rollback to fix, so please be careful….It’s called “Life Shop AO”

First of all, the important stuff: MOST OF THE CLAIMS IN THIS ‘WARNING’ ARE UNTRUE. Your home will not be destroyed, items will not be stolen from your inventory, and nor will money be taken from your account. The ‘worst attacks’ do not require a sim rollback to fix.

HOWEVER: one claim is true. It will turn the wearer into a walking advert and dummy gift giver, because there is a script inside this AO that, when worn, automatically spams everyone within chat range (20m) with a copy of itself. The wearer of the AO is completely unaware of this, until someone who has been spammed informs them of what’s happened.

A resident on the Second Life Official forums contacted Live Chat and spoke to Joppa Linden, who had the following to say on the matter:

Joppa: ok, false alarm. all this thing does is give out a Landmark, possible giving itself out as well.. but that’s it.
Toy_LaFollette: tyvm, may I quote that? :)
Joppa: surely’s also an actual AO with animations in it
Toy_LaFollette: good news TY :)

Further information can be found at this post on the Official Forums. Please refrain from perpetuating the scare myths about this AO (which actually just contains the same old freebie animations we all know from Businesses in a Box and Full-Perm stores) and gently set people right when they pop up in group chat to holler about it. Also, please feel free to direct the unwitting wearers of this spam object to this post (and then send them to E. Watkins at Haddath to get a great, free AO instead!)

May 7, 2009 - Posted by | AOs, hints and tips, PSA: Life Shop AO, second life


  1. Hm…I’ve seen this before..a friend warned me about an object name “Oxyclean” that empties out your account and wipes the sim that you’re on clean

    Comment by Nana | May 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’ve seen so many times where a panic-festival hits the grid over nonsense like that. A noob sees the permissions dialog asking to take L$ from their account, from a PERFECTLY LEGITIMATE standpoint – and the yellow exclamation point triangle scares them too much to check into the legitimacy of it… someone has a grudge and starts a smear campaign… someone thinks it’s funny to see a rumor spread… someone loses an item from Inventory and freaks out… someone forgets where they spent some L$ and panics…

    “This Object will steal all your L$ if you take it into Inventory, you don’t even have to rez it!” or “DO NOT accept this item, it will steal your password and account information!” and on and on and on…

    Fact is, I’ve never once heard of a substantiated claim like that. It’s all bull$hit, nothing CAN be scripted to act on you by simply existing in inventory. And nothing inworld can take your password or other account information. And the ONLY way something inworld can get your L$ is if you either pay it deliberately, or GRANT PERMISSION to the dialog the script throws at you. And 99.99% of those are legitimate scripts for things like sploders, resale vendors, and other perfectly harmless things. ANYTHING that takes L$ from you, no matter how, is recorded in your Transaction History anyway – including the Object name, date/time, the amount paid or received, and a transaction reference number which Linden Labs can use to trace the exact circumstance of the transaction – where it took place, whether you right-click Paid, or OKd a dialog, as well as if it was directly to an avatar (and who) or to an Object (and who created it, and who OWNS it, and who received your L$).

    Linden Labs has their bunz covered well on the matter of account info, password, and L$ security inworld. Their lawyers made dang sure they grasp the potential liabilities, and their code monkeys make dang sure that the scripting language closes loopholes and REQUIRES you to permit those actions that would take L$ from you, or they simply fail to happen.

    In other words… I blissfully ignore and scoff at all such rumors as a waste of my time and attention, because they are tales of the impossible and/or horribly misunderstood, and gleefully GO to those places, ACCEPT those items, REZ them even – and keep my eyes open and my mind alert, ready to take screenshots and AR someone if they turn out to be true… and in every single case, I laugh and nothing happens.

    Never once knew anyone, personally, who could say it happened to them either. It’s always “I got this notecard from someone I trust” and THAT person got it from someone else, ad nauseum. Or “It was in a Group Notice!” or “I heard from BillyBob, his best friend Jamie’s sister’s sousin’s best friend said SHE knows someone whose MOM said it happened to her friend’s PARTNER! It must be true!” etc etc etc

    /me barfs up a hairball

    Comment by Nemesis Greatrex | June 6, 2009 | Reply

  3. Six years and this is far from the first time I’ve seen things like this.

    SL sometimes seems totally inhabited by “chicken little” types…

    I’ve actually had someone tell me that removal of casino sims would “totally ruin the SL economy.”


    Comment by Rennefaire | April 6, 2012 | Reply

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