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Shoe-huntin’, chess-playin’, freebie-grabbin’ Mar

Wow, what a glorious glut of goodies there are in SL today!

First up, head to Vinyl Cafe and click one of their group join signs. Then, with the group tag active, roam the sim looking for big treasure chests. Click the chests to receive the contents. Inside each chest is a pair of shoes: many of them prim-toed. This is a joint hunt with The Dominion Fashion District, so once you’ve found the five chests at Vinyl Cafe, head over to The Dominion and find the other five.

(Note that the prim feet and toes of some of these shoes are not scripted for colour-changing, so you’ll need to do a bit more work to get them to match your avatar’s skin. Check out this post on the Vinyl Cafe blog to find out how to do that. Bonus points, though, mean that you can customise the toenails however you like! I made Mar’s a deep blood red [Chanel’s Rouge Noir, anyone? *g*) and added some ‘shiny’ to them. Also, no scripts means less lag!)

Then we have another gorgeous gifty from the Pixeldolls subscribomatic! The ‘Chess’ dress is a quirky black and royal blue frock with slipping shoulder straps and a floaty net skirt.

Lastly, mosey on over to Fabulous Fashion TV‘s new studio. Head up the stairs and to your left you’ll find the designer freebie wall. I grabbed everything there, but modelled here are: the black colour of Refuge’s ‘Ana’ hair (fabulous fatpack; and I edited the scrunchies to match the dress) and Alienbear’s gorgeous NX jewellery:

Pose used: Striking Poses ‘Charlize Theron #9’.

There’s tons of other stuff on those freebie shelves, but I’ll leave you to discover those treats yourself. Have fun!


April 29, 2009 - Posted by | boots, dresses, freebies, hair, jewellery, poses, second life, shoes, subscribomatic, treasure hunt

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