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Gettin’ primmy wid it!

Further to yesterday prim-toed shoe post, a call went out to alert a group I’m in of a current Subscribomatic-joining gift of free prim-toed shoes with tintable feet. Head over to Heart & Sole (you’ll be dropped at a landing point, so follow the arrow South toward the red beam in order to find the store) and hit up the subscribomatic just inside the door. The joining gift for April (so hurry up; it won’t be there much longer!) is this lovely pale pink pair of ‘Breezy’ shoes:

More prim-toed goodness when you hop behind the cut!

Pixieplumb at Baby Monkey still has the Ultimate shoes in her Midnight Mania board. This is the pair I received from yesterday’s contest: the gorgeous, beribboned ‘Sasha’ shoes:

Currently in the lucky chair that’s downstairs in the store is the ‘Very Black and Gold’ pair of her ‘Vanya’ shoes (the chair turned onto M as I hung around there, so I hopped on with a, “Wheee!”

Don’t forget to join the Baby Monkey group and click the giftbox in the landing area for a free pair of grey Vanya shoes, as I blogged about here.


April 26, 2009 - Posted by | freebies, group freebies, limited time offers, midnight mania boards, second life, shoes, subscribomatic

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