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Belleza ‘Jonas’ free skin for the guys

Temporary Edit: Please read to the end of this post. While I can’t clarify any further until tomorrow afternoon when I can next log in-world, I need my readers to be aware that there might be a joining fee for this group.

EDIT: Please be aware that there is now a 250L$ joining fee for the Belleza group. While this is good value for money in the long run (free skins for the group come regularly, and the past three or so have been for the guys) I recall seeing no group notices to alert people of it, and there is no notice about it on Belleza’s blog.

Guys, if you’re not a member of the Belleza group, you need to join NOW! This skin was sent out tonight, and it’ll be in group notices for the next 14 days:

Jonas, in the medium skintone, is in the gift, in both bald and cropped-hair version. So if you can’t find a hairstyle you like, use this fabulous crewcut!

This is a fantastic skin offer for the guys, and there are no tattoos or extra things that might ‘spoil’ it in some eyes. The skin is beautifully-made, well-defined, and features just a hint of eyeliner and a touch of five o’clock shadow. Boys, you need this one in your inventory!

Sinply search Groups for Belleza (the one you want is listed as -Belleza- but don’t include those hyphens in your search term, or you won’t find it) and join. Then check the group notices for the Jonas Group Gift.

Edit: I’ve just found out there is a charge of 250L$ to join the Belleza group. I’m assuming this is to stop people from joining, grabbing the gift, then leaving again. The pity of it is, it also stops newbies (who rarely have any money to begin with) from getting a good skin. If you can afford to join the group, then it’s worth staying in, since free skin offers are usually frequent and generous. However, I don’t recall seeing anything in group notices about a joining fee, so I’m not sure whether it’s in place or not. If someone tries to join and the group prompts them for a 250L$ fee, could they please post a comment here, so that I can confirm this? Thanks.


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Gettin’ primmy wid it!

Further to yesterday prim-toed shoe post, a call went out to alert a group I’m in of a current Subscribomatic-joining gift of free prim-toed shoes with tintable feet. Head over to Heart & Sole (you’ll be dropped at a landing point, so follow the arrow South toward the red beam in order to find the store) and hit up the subscribomatic just inside the door. The joining gift for April (so hurry up; it won’t be there much longer!) is this lovely pale pink pair of ‘Breezy’ shoes:

More prim-toed goodness when you hop behind the cut!

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Sn@tch and [Gauze] are all-white

Head over to Sn@tch and walk down the corridor by the canal in-store, keeping to the left side, until you get to the first entrance on the left. Sitting on the floor below the Riotvend and beside the Lucky Fortunes is a pink fluffy bag containing the sweetest, most innocent thing I think I’ve ever seen Ivey put out. The dress has no name, but parts of it are called ‘Innocent’ and parts of it are called ‘Angel’, so I’ve dubbed it ‘Innocent Angel’ for the purpose of this post.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Ivey outfit if there wasn’t a kink to it somewhere, and that kink is in the leggings. They may be white, but they’re also latex ;) A stunning freebie from a very generous designer. Pick it up before she changes it next Friday!

The skin is from the fabulous freebie ‘grab bag’ put out by [Gauze] (once known as Illuminati) and also residing in the Sn@tch City sim. You get four female skins, as shown here, and three male ones (same designs as the female ones, except for the Fae skin on the far right, below) –

I had a hell of a job matching shoes and hair to this, and I don’t think either are still available (at least, not free). The hair is Maitreya’s Aimee (once a freebie in-store) and the shoes are Nightmare by 69 (an old Halloween freebie, if I remember rightly).

The poses are from new sets by Striking Poses: the full-length shot is #10 from the Audrey Kitching set, and the skin close-up is #5 from the Lady Gaga set. Both are 50L$ each.

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