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Guys go MADD for hair

NOTE: This is a limited-time offer! The group notice containing these items will no longer be available after April 29th 2009, so move fast to grab it!

Guys, it’s my painful duty to inform you that Truth’s awesome ‘Kensei’ dollarbie fatpack of hair (the one my male avi always wears when he models for you) is no longer available. However, thanks to a tip-off from DonnieMac, I’m blogging a limited-time offer of 25 fabulous styles from MADesigns hair.

EDIT: This just in from Lewis, who contacted Truth Hawks:

Hold the presses guys! I’ve heard from Truth this morning and he says Kensei will be back in-store soon. Great news for noob men and bargain hunters everywhere! :D

Fabulous news!

Do a group search for kMADd Enterprise, and join the group. Then look in the group’s notices for this:

Click ‘Open Attachment’ to save the gift to your inventory, then take it somewhere you can unpack it, such as a sandbox. Inside you will find 25 hairstyles for men, in many shades of blond, brown, black, red, even silver. PLEASE NOTE: the gift was issued on April 15th, and notices only stay in a group for 14 days, so this will no longer be available after April 29th. See how close to the bottom of the list it is already? (However, stay in the group, because you should also note the text box that says: “At the end of this month exclusive gift is getting changed” – which means another freebie!)

I put Mar into her male incarnation and snapped just nine of the 25 available styles. Here they are:


April 25, 2009 - Posted by | for the guys, group freebies, hair, limited time offers, second life


  1. See my comments in Mar’s Truth blog below, Kensei is on the way back! :D

    Comment by Lewis | April 26, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’ve edited this post to include your comment there, Thanks for letting everyone know, Lewis!

    Comment by Mar | April 26, 2009 | Reply

  3. thanks for this blog it is a cool gift from the group :-)

    Comment by Kevin | April 29, 2009 | Reply

  4. I agree, Kevin; it’s an awesome gift :)

    Comment by Mar | April 29, 2009 | Reply

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