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More rubber than you can shake your bits at

This weekend only, Sn@tch City and Pulse sim are holding a joint ‘condom quest’ in aid of STD Awareness Month. There are over 100 condoms hidden across both sims, some brightly-coloured and easy-to-spot, others darker and harder to find. There are many stores taking part, and you can find the condoms all over the place, not just in the stores.

NOTE: Do be aware that, although many of these condoms are free, others cost L$ to buy, so be alert to those popup windows. Some of the paid condoms are cheap (L$10 – L$35 for whole outfits) but the prices go up to L$150, as far as I could find.

Stores taking part include (but are not limited to) –

Tyranny Designs
The Stringer Mausoleum
(Silver Wheel)
BedlaM Inc.
Splinter Gallery
Fear & Clothing

Now get out there and grab yourself some protection!


April 18, 2009 - Posted by | second life, treasure hunt

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