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Group Gift from [Hoorenbeek] – Nylon trainers and Amsterdam tees

Gents (and ladies!) hurry over to [Hoorenbeek] and join the subscribomatic there. Once joined, click the giant easter egg in the middle of the store (you can’t miss it!) and you’ll receive a pair of Limer Lemon’s stunning new ‘Nylon’ sneakers/trainers in white and blue, plus two ‘Amsterdam’ t-shirts (of which Mar is modelling the brown version below). The sneakers come in both male and female sizes, so both sexes can grab them.

This is an easter gift only, so don’t count on it being there for too long. Want a closer look? They are fabulous


April 10, 2009 - Posted by | for the guys, group freebies, limited time offers, second life, shoes


  1. Awesome find – is it bad that I checked your blog in the early hours of the morning, saw this, logged in to grab it, then logged back out, and headed out the door for work? What does that say about me, exactly?

    Comment by DonnieMac | April 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. LOL! Um, I’m not quite sure what it says, DonnieMac, but they were worth the risk of being late for work ;)

    Comment by Mar | April 10, 2009 | Reply

  3. You’re darn right it was worth it – it’s tough to find good clothes for guys that don’t make you look like an emo/punk/vampire/goth (amazingly, not all of us guys want to look that way), much less to find something of this quality for free.

    Kudos to you and the other “freebie” bloggers; without you folk my wallet would suffer more than it has already. :P

    Comment by DonnieMac | April 10, 2009 | Reply

  4. They *are* awesome sneakers, but I found I needed to reposition them on my feet quite a lot to get them to fit correctly. They were too way far forward to begin with. Thanks for the tip-off!

    Comment by Jane Primrose | April 11, 2009 | Reply

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