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Ivalde sim hunt

Ivalde, L’Abel and Aurora Borealis are all holding an easter egg hunt on the Ivalde sim until April 11th. There are 13 eggs to be found: ten silvery ones in the Ivalde and L’Abel stores, and three patterned ones in the Aurora Borealis store. The eggs are all set to buy for 0L$ and are easy to find. The prizes inside are gorgeous. Ivalde are also holding a 50% sale right now, and Aurora Borealis have 50% off all Vintage Beads, so if you love vintage clothing and jewellery, have a look around while you’re egg-hunting!

I’ve screencapped all the prizes, so if you don’t want to be spoiled for everything, don’t look behind the cut. I’ll put just one prize image before the cut: the beautiful Ellinor Dress –

Hop behind the cut if you want to see the others.

Claretta is a stunning red evening gown with long satin gloves:

Moving further back in time, the Dianna dress is a lovely spring yellow:

Juliette Lavendeross is a pretty floral strapless dress:

Back to the bright spring colours for the Sara dress and Yellow pumps (two separate prizes) –

Joi Maroon makes lovely use of the system skirt (don’t forget your butt-less and hip-less shape for system skirts, ladies!) with a tropical floral pattern:

Martha is a sweet frock with pink bow accents:

Rikke has a fabulous sculpty skirt:

The Leona jacket is gorgeous. Here, I’ve teamed it with a pair of black capris from the long-lost and lamented Bossa Nova store:

Aurora Borealis has three eggs in-store, and inside them is some super-cute easter egg jewellery: Pastel Egg earrings and necklace, Easter Egg bangles (shown below) and Rainbow Pearl earrings and necklace (shown below) –

Hair worn throughout is ‘Eva’ (brown) by House of Heart. Shoes are ‘Michelle’ (black) by SIN.


April 9, 2009 - Posted by | dresses, freebies, historical costume, jewellery, second life, treasure hunt, vintage fashion

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