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“Take a note, Miss Mar…”

[AV] has released a super-sexy little Office Dress as their weekly dollarbie today:

This dress makes use of the system skirt, so ladies it’s a good idea to make a new copy of your shape and bring the hip and butt size down, to avoid that ‘poufy butt’ look that usually comes with system skirts. Besides which, this is a sleek outfit with a pencil skirt, and it deserves slim lines!

I’ve teamed it with the ‘Debbiepebbles’ (platinum) hair from House of Heart, ‘Michelle’ pumps (black) from SIN, the Knotted Onyx Necklace and Beaded Onyx Bracelet (not visible in this pic) from Earthstones, and the Plastic Earring (blackcurrant) from Aesthetic (which, for the love of me, I can’t find in-world at all, not even at the old and new Vain Inc locations). All of those were either old hunt gifts (hair and jewellery) or freebies (shoes).


April 7, 2009 - Posted by | dollarbies, dresses, second life, shoes

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