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New weekly gift and lucky board at Sn@tch

There’s a new weekly freebie gift (follow the beeeeeam!) at Sn@tch: a gorgeous short purple silk cocktail dress:

You get the dress and the purple tights in the gift. Like the shoes? They’re from the Lucky Board at Sn@tch (hunt around in the main lobby for it *g*). When I was there, the wildcards were generous, and I got three items on them, with a total full sale value of 800L$ – can’t beat that for value!

Hop behind the cut for pics of the items I won (and yes, fellas, there’s at least one outfit for you in there, so join the girls in some lucky board stalking!)

For those that haven’t encountered them before, a Lucky Board works just like a Lucky Chair. If the letter on the board is the same letter that starts your first name (so I’d be looking for ‘M’ for Mar) then just click the board and you’ll get the prize (assuming nobody beat you to it!) Wildcards are the same, although there’s a race for those if there’s more than one person present. A wildcard is when the lucky letter is ‘?’, meaning anyone can click the board, so be quick!

Here are those Fetish Pumps in closer detail. The lucky board contains the silver pair:

For the guys, how about this Brain Case outfit? Fabulous sweater with sculpty collar, cuffs and waist, and one of the best pairs of soft leather pants I’ve seen in SL:

Lastly, I was really pleased when I won this outfit. Love Kills Slowly comprises pants in five colours, and tops in eight colours:

There’s lots more in the board, so head over and try your luck.

April 5, 2009 - Posted by | dresses, for the guys, freebies, lucky boards, second life, shoes

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