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Mar’s ponderings… about Mar’s Ponderings!

Occasionally you’ll see me making a completely random post on SL for Nowt that isn’t about freebies, cheapies, hints and tips, or helping newbies. Those are the posts that I title Mar’s Ponderings, and they’re usually all about me rambling on about weird stuff in Second Life.

For some time now, I’ve felt those posts don’t really belong on SL for Nowt, since they’re my personal thoughts about stuff, and SL for Nowt is kind of my ‘official face’. So I’ve created a new WordPress blog for those: Mar’s Ponderings. I’ll also be blogging over there about my non-freebie/cheapie buys; the ones that don’t belong on SL for Nowt. Please feel free to add/ignore it as you wish ;)

I doubt that I will be updating Mar’s Ponderings half as often as I do SL for Nowt, so I’ve included an at-a-glance link in the sidebar of SL for Nowt (look under the blogroll and SLurls section) so you can see the latest posts made at Mar’s Ponderings, even when you’re just browsing SL for Nowt.


April 5, 2009 - Posted by | mar's ponderings, second life

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