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Daisy, Daisy, gimme yer answer, do!

I’m half crazy, all for Baby Monkey shoes…

This is a real quickie, because I’m still standing in Baby Monkey, stalking the lucky chairs. Hidden somewhere in the store (it’s reeeeeally easy to spot!) is a little white daisy. The daisy is free to buy and inside it is this cute pair of ‘Celeste’ daisy shoes (screencap taken while I’m hanging around in the store *g*) –

While you’re here looking for that, fly up to the NW upstairs corner of the store and give the Midnight Mania board a tap, because there’s a fab pair of shoes in it. Better hurry, though. It had 25 clicks when I screencapped it, and already as I type up this post it’s reached 28 clicks. 100 clicks will put it in lockdown, and everyone who got there before that time will receive a pair of the shoes:

That not enough shoes for you? Hop behind the cut for more freebies from Baby Monkey, and from 50 Flats!

Are you in the Baby Monkey Junkies group? If so, check group notices (I’ve started to do this manually of late, because half the notices for all groups I’m in just don’t arrive). You’ll find these lovely deep pink Heart Bow Pumps:

Another cute pair of freebie shoes can be found right now at 50 Flats. These are the Ballet Rose Flats:

There’s also a free-to-buy egg in the store (not part of one of those gridwide hunts) containing a pair of Green Egg Flats. I’ve heard of having egg on your face, but not on your feet. Totally cute!

Keep an eye on the lucky board in 50 Flats, too. A wildcard came up while Mar was there, and she won these lovely Ballet Rose flats in blue:

April 5, 2009 - Posted by | freebies, lucky boards, midnight mania boards, second life, shoes

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