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Daisy, Daisy, gimme yer answer, do!

I’m half crazy, all for Baby Monkey shoes…

This is a real quickie, because I’m still standing in Baby Monkey, stalking the lucky chairs. Hidden somewhere in the store (it’s reeeeeally easy to spot!) is a little white daisy. The daisy is free to buy and inside it is this cute pair of ‘Celeste’ daisy shoes (screencap taken while I’m hanging around in the store *g*) –

While you’re here looking for that, fly up to the NW upstairs corner of the store and give the Midnight Mania board a tap, because there’s a fab pair of shoes in it. Better hurry, though. It had 25 clicks when I screencapped it, and already as I type up this post it’s reached 28 clicks. 100 clicks will put it in lockdown, and everyone who got there before that time will receive a pair of the shoes:

That not enough shoes for you? Hop behind the cut for more freebies from Baby Monkey, and from 50 Flats!

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New weekly gift and lucky board at Sn@tch

There’s a new weekly freebie gift (follow the beeeeeam!) at Sn@tch: a gorgeous short purple silk cocktail dress:

You get the dress and the purple tights in the gift. Like the shoes? They’re from the Lucky Board at Sn@tch (hunt around in the main lobby for it *g*). When I was there, the wildcards were generous, and I got three items on them, with a total full sale value of 800L$ – can’t beat that for value!

Hop behind the cut for pics of the items I won (and yes, fellas, there’s at least one outfit for you in there, so join the girls in some lucky board stalking!)

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Bewitched Hair & House of Heart secret sale part 2

Bewitched Hair and House of Heart (both now located on Tropical Escape, as Lemon Island has now closed down) are holding a second ‘secret sale’ event, lasting until April 6th. In each store you will find eight packs of hair for just 1L$ each: two in Pigs n’ Ponys, one in Mens, one in Up-Do’s, two in Short/Medium, and two in Long. I can’t tell you what they are (the designers request that bloggers don’t give away locations or styles, which is perfectly fair) but if you head there you might find other people shouting out the styles (which is allowed).

To find the styles, make sure you can view tooltips (View > Hover Tips > Show Tips) and then hover your cursor over each individual hair colour pack, checking the price. There are other markdowns, too, so if you have favourite styles then keep an eye out for the 50L$ packs, as well!

I get a lot of the hair that I use for the blog pictures in these hunts, and they’re always worth the time spent in doing them.

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Mar’s ponderings… about Mar’s Ponderings!

Occasionally you’ll see me making a completely random post on SL for Nowt that isn’t about freebies, cheapies, hints and tips, or helping newbies. Those are the posts that I title Mar’s Ponderings, and they’re usually all about me rambling on about weird stuff in Second Life.

For some time now, I’ve felt those posts don’t really belong on SL for Nowt, since they’re my personal thoughts about stuff, and SL for Nowt is kind of my ‘official face’. So I’ve created a new WordPress blog for those: Mar’s Ponderings. I’ll also be blogging over there about my non-freebie/cheapie buys; the ones that don’t belong on SL for Nowt. Please feel free to add/ignore it as you wish ;)

I doubt that I will be updating Mar’s Ponderings half as often as I do SL for Nowt, so I’ve included an at-a-glance link in the sidebar of SL for Nowt (look under the blogroll and SLurls section) so you can see the latest posts made at Mar’s Ponderings, even when you’re just browsing SL for Nowt.

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