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Sn@tch City

I hope you’ve all had a chance to visit Ivey’s fabulous new mainstore in the new Sn@tch City sim. If not, then why not? Take that limo (OK, it’s more of a scuzzy old cab, actually *g*) and look around the huge new store. And make sure you wander around the whole sim. There are tons of great vendors there, and the build is awesome. Don’t forget to throw away all your old Sn@tch landmarks and just keep the new one!

This is Ivey’s weekly freebie, which you can find in the pink bag on the front desk of the Sn@tch store:

The flame detailing on the bottom of the pants comes in seven colours.

Now, if you wander to the back of the store, in the main corridor, you’ll find an elevator. If it’s upstairs, just click the call button to bring it down. Sit down on the seat and click the ‘2’ button to ride upstairs. Guys, this is where you’ll find the Menswear department now, and cheapie-hunters, this is also the location of the new Freebies and Cheapies area. (Note: If you’re a newbie, less than 30 days old, you can pick up the Sn@tch newbie avatar kit there, too.)

Hop behind the cut for pics of just a few of the cheap and free things I found there.

This Psychobilly suede outfit was free. And boys, don’t just scroll down to the next picture because this one features a bikini top (OK, that may make you stay with this pic, but I’m talking about buying stuff here, not ogling pixels, mkay? *g*). Those pants are great and I’m sure you could find a use for them, too!

The Cruella Jacket with its cute spotty dalmation fur details, and the skeezer jeans with belt (again, those are great on the guys) are also free:

The Skully Argyll skirt set and pirate socks (sold separately) are also free (can you spot a pattern here?!)

The Muff Skirt (a staple of Mar’s wardrobe, as are Ivey’s other great little flirty skirts in the cheapie section) is 25L$. The Junkie Thermal (sold in male and female versions, with a short and long version in each) is free:

And Ivey is offering two gorgeous Velvet Vamp skins with heavy makeup, for just 25L$ each:

Worn throughout this photoshoot: hair is ‘Dirrty Gurl’ from House of Heart’s pumpkin patch hunt, boots are ‘Thigh High Hells’ by Nightshade Designs. Skin is Sn@tch ‘Velvet Vamp’, as detailed in the last picture. Poses are all from Elisa.


March 28, 2009 - Posted by | cheapies, for the guys, freebies, newbie kits, second life

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