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Living a digital life with empty pockets


EDIT 1: The store has now moved, so look for the new location in-world, in the Zanzo sim (I’m not in-world right now to grab the new SLurl).

EDIT 2: I’ve now updated the post with the new SLurl, and according to the group notice, the lucky chair is now a lucky board, and has been updated!

The Black Canary will soon be moving (in April) has now moved from Quenzle to the new Zanzo sim. I’m not sure if the lucky chair items will change at that point or not, but here are the three outfits you can grab right now. The chair is set to five minutes changearound, and the wildcards are generous.

Hop behind the cut for the other two outfits.

(Pose is from Elisa. She’s set her ‘Giselle’ series to 1L$ each, or 5L$ for six, so if you need ballet poses, hop over there for a peek!)


March 27, 2009 - Posted by | lucky chairs, poses, second life

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