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Boing! Boing! Start hoppin’!

You really need another hunt right now, don’t you? *eyes your inventory* Well, no. You don’t. But here’s another one starting already! The Bunny Hop is a gridwide hunt starting today and continuing until 19th April. Your starting point is here. You can find the official blog at (look there for any problems, such as gifts not being put out and where you need to go next). The hunt group you need to search for and join if you’d like help is ‘Bunny Hoppers’.

PLEASE remember that this is going to be busy. Wear a low-lag or low-ARC avatar (a guide to putting together the latter can be found here).

Since MALT Fashions sent out a notice to their group to come grab their hunt gift a tad early, Mar’s modelling it here. It’s #181 in the hunt gift sequence (yes, it’s another HUUUGE hunt…)


March 27, 2009 - Posted by | dresses, freebies, second life, treasure hunt

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