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House of Curios (HoC) is a place you’ve seen me mention before, in a couple of posts where I featured their fabulous, cheap colour-change Chucks. This post is going to focus on their full range of shoes, all of which are at low prices, and all of which are great quality.

For 30L$ you can get the aforementioned Chucks:

You’ll find both male and female footshaper and shoes included, and they’re scripted to colour-change. The colours available are: pink, light blue, lime, orange, yellow, indigo, green, red, black, grey, and dark blue. And these aren’t just colour tints; they’re full texture changes. They’re an awesome pair of casual shoes, and a worthy addition to any wardrobe.

Hop behind the cut for more fabby, cheapie shoes from HoC, for both guys and girls.

Before I feature the other pairs, I must mention the laced boots. Since I don’t use the current SL viewer I didn’t bother modelling these, as they use a special mirroring facility in that viewer. Be aware that, even if you do use the new viewer and the boots look great on you, one of them will look reversed to anyone using an older viewer. That said, you could always make a copy of the good-looking boot, and wear it on the other foot ;)

Next up, for the ladies, are these chunky stilettos. At just 10L$, you again get colour change options: brown, tan, cream, blue, slate, mauve, red, gold, lime, black, white, and pink. Phew! All that for just 10L$

Again at just 10L$, these ‘Stubbers’ are a great pair of open-toed heels. They come in: ice, citrus, wood (black uppers, pale wood heels), black, and red:

Guys, you’re not forgotten. Just 10L$ will buy you both pairs (they’re in the same pack) of ‘Skoochers’, in grey and brown. Great quality shoes are hard to come by for blokes, so hop by and make sure you grab these:

Need a pair of formal shoes? 20L$ will buy you these classy laced dress shoes. Available in black only:

Lastly, for less formal wear, these casual loafers are 30L$. Scripted colour-change to: tan, brown, camel, black, blue, and grey:

You can also find HoC on XStreet SL, here (I’ve sorted the listings from lowest price to highest).


March 12, 2009 - Posted by | boots, cheapies, for the guys, second life, shoes

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