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Mar’s ponderings: Pectoral shading

I feel for you guys (as in the male of the avatar species). I really do.

I was standing in… shall we say a well-known designer store yesterday, browsing through their items. This particular store mixes their male and female items together, which makes for some interesting discoveries for the girls, but I can imagine the poor guys get frustrated when looking for male items. Especially when one considers the pectoral shading this designer seems to use on their male clothing, since it isn’t always immediately obvious what is male and what is female clothing.

I overheard two guys talking nearby, and being nosy I cammed around to see which clothing item they were looking at. It was this:

From what I heard of the conversation, they liked the clothing, but there were clear issues that one of them summed up with a single word: mantitties.

I can only agree. The clothing made by this designer is fabulous, the store is very well-known, and many of you will recognise it, however subtle I try to be, cropping out logos and suchlike in these pictures. The fact of the matter is: the pectoral shading on some of the male clothing is extremely visible and very breast-like, especially on the lighter items.

Another example:

Note the darker purple jacket looks just fine, but the lighter ones really do seem to have ‘moobs’. If I had a male avatar, I know which colour I would buy, and I find myself wondering if the designer sees higher sales for the darker colours of male items than the lighter ones.

What I do know is the store missed out on sales because of that shading. The two guys discussing the clothing seemed disappointed that the shading ‘spoiled’ the items, which they would have bought if it had been more subtle.

Any guys reading this: would you take a chance on the ‘mantitties’ in the lighter colours, or would you plump for the darker ones where they are less visible?

EDIT: Adding a screenshot of a female item of clothing, where you can see the deliberate breast shading is quite different:

March 8, 2009 - Posted by | for the guys, mar's ponderings


  1. Are you sure they’re mens’ clothes? Even the mannequins have bloke baps…

    Comment by Marnix Malifozik | March 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. LOL – bloke baps! Now that’s one I’ve not heard before ;)

    Nope, it’s definitely male pectoral shading. I’ve edited the post to add a screencap of a female items of clothing, where you can see the breast shading is very different.

    I agree, though, that the mannequin used appears to be a female one, and on checking the contents of some of the male items the store does seem to sell them as unisex, since the male items also tend to include female-sized cuffs and collars for things such as jackets etc, as well as the male-sized ones.

    Comment by Mar | March 9, 2009 | Reply

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