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Wiggle it!

(You can tell I have a lot of fun making up these post titles, right? *g*)

Uncle Wiggily is a name you might have seen around some of the freebie blogs of late, because creator Esme Michigan is making some beautiful things. At her store (together with Emily Bluebird) there are all kinds of pretty and eclectic items, from frocks to paintings, skirts and socks to rainmakers. Upstairs are shelves of dollarbies and cheapies, and I found a couple of clothing items on the lower floor marked down cheap (and free!)

Skirt & jewellery: 1L$ each

Top: Random Fashions (1L$) – Gnubie Store

Hair: Uncle Wiggily (free) – Savoir Hair (look up!)

Shoes: 50 Flats (free)

Hop behind the cut for more pics.

Skirt & jewellery: 1L$ each

Top: Tres Blah (1L$) – Gnubie Store

Hair & Shoes – as before

EDIT: Oops, messed up here in Photoshop! The skirt in the above pic isn’t the Easy Patchwork Skirt (that’s what I get for copy-pasting!) – it’s the Indian Paisley Skirt.

Top, skirt & jewellery – 1L$ each

Socks: Emily Bluebird (10L$) – At Uncle Wiggily store

Hair: as before

Shoes: Baby Monkey (75L$)

Dress: free

Jewellery: 1L$ each

Hair & shoes: as before

Dress: currently 30L$

Jewellery: 1L$ each

Hair: as before

Shoes: Baby Monkey (75L$)

The skin and shape I’ve used in this post is also part of a 1-skin and 3-shape 1L$ box from Uncle Wiggily.


March 7, 2009 - Posted by | boots, cheapies, dollarbies, dresses, freebies, hair, jewellery, second life, shapes, shoes, skins

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