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Mar’s Nerdy Basics

Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise. We all love it, and most of us have sallied forth amid the newbies (perhaps when we were newbies ourselves) to dig around and see what we could find.

There are some absolute gems to be found at Sarah’s lately, so I’ve put together this post showing you how my favourite thing – mixing and matching – can make for some interesting looks. The key to it is: look for basics.

Hop behind the cut to find out more.

When we go shopping in RL, we know (roughly!) what’s in our wardrobes already. So when we spot that perfect little red top, or those to-die-for shoes, we’re already mentally thinking, “What have I got already that I can wear with this?”

The same thing is true in Second Life, of course. Mar, like most of you, has an inventory chock-full of gorgeous goodies. But you know me ;) I didn’t want to make thing easy on myself. So, apart from my skin and shape (and you can find Eloh’s skins and a shape by Sarah herself at the Freebie Paradise) I wanted to put together a series of looks entirely from items bought there, and nowhere else.

Look for items that you can put with other items. Found a great gold and cream top? Look for brown pants to go with it. Bear in mind what you’ve just bought as you’re buying new items, and you’ll be able to put together some great outfits.

I present Mar’s Nerdy Basics:

Look #1 – Emo Girl

Prozak have been putting out some fabulous basic items that everyone should have in their wardrobe, and I don’t just mean newbies! Good basic jeans, tops and boots, such as these:

Look #2 – Bratty n’ Sweet

Pairing a cute little babydoll dress with punky socks and sh*tkicker boots always works. And the hair… wow. Adjusting it is not for the fainthearted, because it did need quite a bit of fiddling with, but it’s free so if you mess up just grab another copy. It’s a fabulous style, and not only that it’s also in a fatpack of colours (but I was lazy and only adjusted one colour *g*)

Look #3 – Rockstar

This black knit set is one of my favourite items at Sarah’s. It’s so versatile, and comes on loads of layers, so you can wear it all together, or just pick bits of it to go with other items. And the pants? Loud, lairy, and I love ’em.

Look #4 – Smart-casual

This lovely top is from Pixeldolls (Sarah has a few of their items there), and I’ve teamed it with more Prozak goodies in the form of their fat cords, and the great free ‘Sadie’ shoes from ZHAO:

Look #5 – Comfy and demure

Suited to lounging around the house, shopping, or puttering around flea markets and car boot sales. The strap heels are brilliant. Just touch them and choose from 66 colour options!

Look #6 – Sexy n’ Gothic

You could just as easily wear the Sadie heels with this sexy outfit, but I thought the Prozak black leather kicks looked better. And yep, that’s another bit of the black knit set you can see there, in the shape of the gloves!

Look #7 – Mosh pit

Grungy and comfy, and not too pretty that it won’t matter if you get it dirty down the front there, pressed against the crowd barriers by the loudspeakers, ears bleeding ;)

Look #8 – Classy

Simple black pants, an elegant top taken from a babydoll dress, and a sheer jacket over the top:

Look #9 – Lunch and shopping with the girls

Not too pretty, but pretty enough. Not too casual, but casual enough. Good for schlepping around the shops until your arms ache from the weight of all those bags and you need to stop for coffee and a big sticky cream cake:

Look #10 – Cute, with a kick

Again, pairing a sweet babydoll with sh*tkicker boots:


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