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Quick news from Bewitched Hair: the freebie and clearance room has been closed, and now all freebie and clearance hairstyles will be in their relevant room. So, for instance, you’ll find the long-haired freebie ‘Paris’ in the long hair section. They’re on the same walls as the room entrances, and they’re clearly marked, so you can’t miss them:

There’s also a new release gift at Bewitched, with examples of the two latest styles: Maria (charcoal) and Bailey (aub). Look for the easel in-store, and buy the picture it’s holding for 0L$. Here’s Mar, modelling both of them for you. They’re great styles, for free!

In other hairy news, House of Heart is holding a secret sale at its location in Hairspray2. There’s a sign inside the door to click that will tell you the names and colour packs of all the discounted styles (some of them down to 50L) but there are a few colour packs reduced to 1L$, and you won’t find those listed in the notecard you get ;)

The trick to finding them is easy, but a tad time-consuming: you have to hover the cursor of your mouse over each pack and check the price. Luckily, the Hairspray2 store is a smaller one than the mainstore, so once you get your speed up, it shouldn’t take you too long to find the 1L$ packs. Hint: I found six of them, but no piccies because that would give away which styles they are. Go look for them! :p

I’ve no idea how long the secret sale will last for. It’s usually a couple of days, but don’t dawdle!

March 4, 2009 - Posted by | dollarbies, freebies, hair, secret sales

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