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Walkabout: Newbie Areas – Ambling Around Ambat Infohub

This is the second in my alphabetical Walkabout series, where I take a look around a Welcome Area or Infohub (where newbies might find themselves first rezzing on Mainland). Today I explored the next official landmark I had, and that was Ambat Infohub, created by Osprey Therian.

Ambat is a small, but very pretty little infohub that has an NCI (New Citizens Inc) Infonode attached to it. So, while it’s small, it’s packed with useful stuff for newbies.

Hop behind the cut for some screencaps showing what I found at the infohub and the surrounding regions.

First of all, here’s your map. Ambat is set slap in the centre of (in clockwise order) – Papa, Aluluei, Sido, Tawhaki, Nakaa, Quat, Vari, and Riiki:

There’s a big notice at the infohub, for the Second Life Showcase:

Also there (which I grabbed, because I’ve been keeping an eye out for one yet never found one!) is a free, full copy of Hank Ramos’s Universal Translator:

There are helpful notecards and free things. Especially good was a clickable board that gave me several landmarks for interesting places to visit in Second Life:

You have to walk behind the infohub, to where the mountain towers on high, to find the steps leading to the NCI Infonode. It’s a heck of a climb…

Aha! The lazy person’s direct route!

But… well, I guess that’ll teach me for being lazy!

The ‘Free Stuff’ board that is on all the Help Islands, where newbies first rez, is also at all the NCI places. So never fear if you didn’t grab stuff on Help Island; you can still grab it on Mainland. Also, lots of help in different languages here:

Good to know I won’t be plummetting again any time soon! (Also good for newbies, who often take some time to find their feet, especially on tricky staircases.)

More learning stuff and info than you could shake a plywood prim at!

I flew off, heading West into Riiki, and soon found a beautiful, peaceful place. A Buddhist stupa:

Have your speakers on as you walk up the path. The glowing purple ball near the summit contains the sound of wind howling around a mountain. And there’s light particle snow in the area, too:

This was clearly someone’s home, so of course I didn’t go barging in for a look around. Instead, I contented myself with a peek through the window at a very inviting fireplace. Definitely an interesting castle, if only for the fact that it had no way of reaching the door!

A huge statue I spotted in Marunogere:

The regions surrounding Ambat are mainly residential, and I ran into a LOT of banlines and security orbs. Sadly, so have a lot of other people, because the sky is dotted with still-running vehicles that have ejected their owners when they hit those banlines:

I spotted a fab sandbank covered in what I thought at first were seals. Yet more banlines prevented me from getting a closer look, so I cammed across and saw those big tusks. Walruses! (Walrii? *g*)

I was so tempted…

Amid the residential areas? Ah, you can tell it’s Mainland in all its glory:

Their world, their (fullbright, sparkly, rotating, blinging, particle-spewing) imagination ;)

Oh hey, there’s a Linden Road here. Following these can be fun. Better watch your step here, though:

This sign was floating near that big white house. Unsafe? Well it wasn’t marked as damage-enabled…

I was flying past, though, when a BIG silver ball boinked me on the back of the head and I turned to see who was shooting at me. Yep, I was target practice!

I couldn’t help but comment on the size of her bullets. (Oh hush, you dirty-minded lot!)

Finally, I found a surprise: a church in Tawhaki, called Hilltop Haven:

Afraid, though, that the story of my flight around Ambat Infohub can be summed up by three screenshots:

Don’t let that put you off visiting the Infohub itself, though. It’s a lovely little place to check out, and much less crowded and prone to griefing than the larger ‘megahubs’. Also, do make sure you fly across to Riiki to look at the Buddhist stupa.

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