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Sera Korea: Don’t let the language barrier stop you!

EDIT (June 2010) – I’m seeing a lot of people landing on this post as a result of searches for ‘Sera Korea’. Regretfully, I have to inform you that the Sera Korea sims no longer exist in Second Life. Consequently, I have removed the teleport link in the post.

The newbie place at Sera Korea is, as you might expect, an orientation all in Korean. But at the end of it is the Sera Korea Freebie Shop, so leg it through that orientation (afraid the region has a landing point at the very start, so unless you run or cheat and use Admin Options to fly [it’s a no-fly zone] then you’ll have to follow the beam to get there) and head into the huge store.

This is just a teeny tiny selection of the items there. Many of the female freebies are the same freebies you see elsewhere, but check out the men’s stuff, as that’s certainly very new!

This is one good outfit in the female side: a schoolgirl’s outfit. I’ve teamed it with Truth’s Kensei hair (1L$ fatpack, and yes, it’s guy’s hair, but looks great on a girl, too!), HOC’s 30L$ chucks (search on Xstreet SL – you’ll soon see their big featured banner ad), Sn@tch’s Messenger Bag (not free; won this in a hunt), and Style Your Destiny’s (now ‘Nooby Doo’s) Voodoo Girl socks in black:

Hop behind the cut for two more outfits: both mannish, and both modelled by a girl :p

Same hair, same Chucks (I clicked them to check the ‘grey’ colour option this time, though). The pants are from Izumiya’s free male suit (blogged just a couple of posts back) and the shirt is a black sweater/red shirt/black tie combo from the male side of Sera Korea’s freebie shop (lots more colour options available). All of the glasses and sunglasses in this post are also from Sera Korea:

Finally, a black tracksuit jacket with great prim cuffs and collar (easy to adjust for smaller female avatars). Again, available in several colours:


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