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Walkabout: Newbie Areas – Around the Ahern Infohub/Welcome Area

New series! Today I decided to newb myself up and start a small travelogue of the newbie places on the Second Life grid. I’ve never visited most of these places, and I wanted to see what they were like, what kind of surroundings the average newbie would find themselves in when they leave Help Island and take their very first teleport to a Mainland Infohub.

The first Infohub you land at after leaving Help Island (assuming this is how you reach the Mainland; some people have friends already in SL who will send them a teleport offer to wherever they are) will automatically be set as your Home location (you can always change it later). This means, if you open up your Map and click the ‘Home’ button, or you use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+H, that’s where you’ll land. So when you click that “Ready to start your Second Life?” big sign on Help Island, click it a lot of times, until you have a choice of locations!

Perhaps with these little travelogues, I can give newbies an idea of which locations they think they might like the best. I’ll begin with the Infohubs that are found in the Help Island signs, then I’ll move on to the resident-run orientation places, and other newbie places such as NCI and The Shelter.

So where do we start? Alphabetically would be a good idea, which means we begin with the Ahern Infohub and Welcome Area:

Hop behind the cut for pics and info.

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A heads-up for all Xstreet SL traders and customers

Do you use XStreet SL? Have you (like me) been wondering why you have to continually keep logging in now? Yeah, it’s bloody annoying, isn’t it?

The reason why, as posted by Calyle Linden on the XStreet SL forums, is this:

In order to improve security for our customers, we’ve begun making a series of changes to the way security and account logins are handled at Xstreet SL. Since much of our service is money-related, it’s imperative that we tighten things up to keep your funds and your accounts safe.

The first of these changes went live yesterday. Previously, cookies stored in your web browser were used to keep account logins persistent for up to a month at a time. Now you will be required to login whenever a new “session” is started. Furthermore, if you use multiple browsers or multiple computers and log out of your account on one computer, all of the others will be logged out as well.

Over the next few days and weeks we’ll be making your accounts more secure, but this generally won’t involve noticeable functionality changes. Once we’ve reached a certain point we’ll review options for making security less intrusive by requiring logins less often.

That’s going to get really old, really fast…

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Twofer 1L

Two nice outfits avaliable at S Crystal Springs today. There’s Lemania Indigo‘s dollarbie for the day, which is the ‘Urban Mod’ pants outfit:

This 1L$ outfit will only be available for one day (23rd Feb 2009) before it is retired forever.

And a dollarbie from Kerryth Tarantal Studio: the gloriously colourful ‘Danse Mardi Gras’, available at that price until 24th Feb 2009:

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