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Sn@tch sale

It’s packed out, but you can’t miss it. The Sn@tch and ReTox 50% sale is on this weekend, and for the freebie-hunters among you there are a few items (female and unisex) marked down to 0L$ in the Freebie and Cheapie Room, plus half price on everything else. That includes all the fatpacks and many many brilliant trashy and grungy items made by Ivey and her partner, Roblem.

Since the store is so busy, make sure you grab the fab item in the Riotvendor. Its lowest price is 50L$ and with the amount of avatars in the store, even at this hour (5:30am SLT) it’s holding that price steadily.

Grab your shopping bags and get shopping!

These are the freebies I found. This t-shirt is free for males and females:

Hop behind the cut for pics of the others.

Mmm, saucy! Fishnet jacket (on all layers), nipple tape, and booty shorts. Shown here with the shorter length of socks found for free :

One of the best flirty little skirts out there, to be had for free right now:

And the longer version of the socks:

Ivey’s got yer Sn@tch covered (although in those things, it’s only just covered *g*)


February 21, 2009 - Posted by | freebies, sales, second life

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