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Inventory sorting: Gird your loins, people

OK, the Kissed Hunt is almost over (ends today, so if there’s anything you still need for yourself or an alt – especially those high-end items such as skins – make sure you grab them in the next couple of hours) and Mar’s inventory has rocketed up again. I got it down to around 14k items and now it’s hovering back up at 17k again. Ouch.

This weekend I’m going to be inventory-sorting and (time and tiredness permitting, because it’s been a long working week for me in RL) a new post will be going up, describing my inventory heirarchy. I’ll be blogging my way through my unpacking and sorting strategy, so let’s see if  together we can clear the hunt backlog before Monday.

Also, you might want to add some L$ to your balance tonight, because this weekend is 50% off at Sn@tch.

We’re doomed ;)

February 21, 2009 - Posted by | inventory management, mar's ponderings, sales, second life

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