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Monkey Mania!

Ladies, go and give the Midnight Mania board at Baby Monkey a tap. It’s got a fab pair of shoes in it right now:

If the target number of people (100) is reached by midnight tonight, everyone who clicked the board will receive a pair of those shoes.

While you’re there, check out the lucky chairs (I won some gorgeous things from those in the past few days), grab the boxes of freebies on the floor by the MM board, and head down to the bottom of the stairs, where the Valentine’s gifts (including some fantastic shoes) are still sitting.

Baby Monkey Junkies is a great group to join, as Pixie is another very generous designer. Currently in group notices you’ll find the past 5 weeks of group gifts and the Valentine shoes (in case they’re gone from the mall).

Here are a couple of pics of Mar at Retrology, modelling an almost completely freebie (only the skin was paid-for, and that was just 50L$ in the Pixeldolls sale) 60s look, including the Baby Monkey Mizzy Mary Jane shoes (one of the lucky chair prizes), and an older group gift of a Baby Monkey disc belt:

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Sn@tch sale

It’s packed out, but you can’t miss it. The Sn@tch and ReTox 50% sale is on this weekend, and for the freebie-hunters among you there are a few items (female and unisex) marked down to 0L$ in the Freebie and Cheapie Room, plus half price on everything else. That includes all the fatpacks and many many brilliant trashy and grungy items made by Ivey and her partner, Roblem.

Since the store is so busy, make sure you grab the fab item in the Riotvendor. Its lowest price is 50L$ and with the amount of avatars in the store, even at this hour (5:30am SLT) it’s holding that price steadily.

Grab your shopping bags and get shopping!

These are the freebies I found. This t-shirt is free for males and females:

Hop behind the cut for pics of the others.

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Inventory sorting: Gird your loins, people

OK, the Kissed Hunt is almost over (ends today, so if there’s anything you still need for yourself or an alt – especially those high-end items such as skins – make sure you grab them in the next couple of hours) and Mar’s inventory has rocketed up again. I got it down to around 14k items and now it’s hovering back up at 17k again. Ouch.

This weekend I’m going to be inventory-sorting and (time and tiredness permitting, because it’s been a long working week for me in RL) a new post will be going up, describing my inventory heirarchy. I’ll be blogging my way through my unpacking and sorting strategy, so let’s see if  together we can clear the hunt backlog before Monday.

Also, you might want to add some L$ to your balance tonight, because this weekend is 50% off at Sn@tch.

We’re doomed ;)

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