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The Six Linden Dollar Man

EDIT: My bad! The last day of the Kissed Hunt is today (Feb 20th) so if you’ve not grabbed that Belleza skin, get a bloody move on!


OK, I just couldn’t resist that title ;)

Want to spruce up a male avatar for just six Linden green ones? Now’s the time to do it, people. This specific look will only be available until 28th Feb 2009 20th Feb 2009, after which time the Kissed Hunt will have ended and the skin featured here will no longer be free. (Fear not. There’s still a great male skin available free at the store; just join the Belleza group and click the box just inside the door on the left as you walk in, with your group tag active.)

But this guy? Cost me just L$6 and ain’t he fine? Hey, if he wasn’t me then I wouldn’t say no! :p

Links will take you directly to the items in-world.

Shape: ‘Syler’ from FabFree (5L$)

Coat: US Navy Pea Coat from Maschienenwerk (Free)

Pants: Black Detroit Jeans from Maschienenwerk (Free)

Boots: Shino-Bi from one of the lucky chairs at Discord (Free – the boots you win are bright orange; they’re easily re-tintable to black, and don’t forget to edit appearance and edit the shoe base to black, too, or you’ll be wearing lairy orange socks!)

Skin: Belleza ‘Ewan’ (Kissed Hunt gift – Free). The skin is what you need to RUN for. It’s only available until the gridwide Vain Inc ‘Kissed’ Hunt ends, which is on 28th Feb 2009 20th FEB 2009. After that, see the beginning of this post for another free skin from Belleza (which is sans guyliner).

Hair: Truth ‘Kensei’ (fatpack) (1L$)

Eyes: House of Zen ‘Green 5’ (Free)

Earring: ‘Blue Moon’ from f*a (Free)

Additional stuff:

AO: E. Watkins (Free)

Radar HUD: Crystal Gadgets (Free)

Flight Feather: Can be found on any of the NCI locations’ freebie walls (try the one at Caledon Oxbridge, which is pretty quiet and has a great orientation).

Need to find 6L$? Try money-tree hopping for a few minutes (newbies under 30 days only). If you’re an older avi, try camping.

EDIT: Hey guys (and girls)? If you’re heading to Maschienenwerk and you actually have money in your account, please consider putting just a few L$ into the tipjar at the bottom of the stairs, to help the owner make his tier payments. Because without your help, generous people like Armin Rickena wouldn’t be able to offer such fabulous clothes for free in Second Life.

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