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Be fair to the boys

The (group-only) lucky chair at Silent Sparrow is a little bit different this month. It’s not giving out the whole suite of clothing for guys and girls; instead it’s giving out either the girls’ version or the boys’ version. (You can still buy the whole suite from the board right beside the chair, if you can’t wait or if your letter just never comes up.)

The great thing about hya’s clothes is that, even in the mens’ sets, she includes things such as cuffs and collars and coat tails fitted for female avatars as well as the men. But ladies, although we can comfortably wear the guys’ versions, they can’t quite comfortably wear the girls’ version! So if a male avatar is hovering around the chair with the same initial as you, and the chair comes up with that initial on the guys’ outfit? Be nice and let him hop on. You get much more choice than he does.

And if you’re the only one when your initial comes up on the guys’ outfit? Go for it, because it looks awesome on the girls, too.

February 8, 2009 - Posted by | do's and don'ts, lucky chairs, mar's ponderings, second life

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