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Be fair to the boys

The (group-only) lucky chair at Silent Sparrow is a little bit different this month. It’s not giving out the whole suite of clothing for guys and girls; instead it’s giving out either the girls’ version or the boys’ version. (You can still buy the whole suite from the board right beside the chair, if you can’t wait or if your letter just never comes up.)

The great thing about hya’s clothes is that, even in the mens’ sets, she includes things such as cuffs and collars and coat tails fitted for female avatars as well as the men. But ladies, although we can comfortably wear the guys’ versions, they can’t quite comfortably wear the girls’ version! So if a male avatar is hovering around the chair with the same initial as you, and the chair comes up with that initial on the guys’ outfit? Be nice and let him hop on. You get much more choice than he does.

And if you’re the only one when your initial comes up on the guys’ outfit? Go for it, because it looks awesome on the girls, too.

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Tutorial: Making a private space

(Well, as private as one can get in Second Life…)

One of the things that seems to concern many newbies (especially females) is the lack of privacy in Second Life. There are very few places where one can unpack boxes and try on clothes without other people walking by. Well, I’m afraid that the fact that anyone can use their camera to get into almost any place you might be means that privacy is something of an illusion, but nonetheless there are ways to maintain that illusion a little bit more.

One of those ways is to find a quiet sandbox and create a small, enclosed skybox that you can whiz up several thousand metres into the air, so you can open your boxes and get changed in peace. The higher you go, the less likely you are to be disturbed, although I can’t guarantee that someone won’t get nosey and start poking around. You can take your private skybox as high as you like, although the building limit is 4096m.

Hop behind the cut, where I will take you through a fully-illustrated complete beginners’ tutorial on making just such a private place.

WARNING: This post is image-heavy, and the images are quite large, to allow for the interface to be seen. I have optimised the images as jpegs, which should make them faster to load, but you might want to open the page and then go make a cup of tea while it loads ;)

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