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More from the Kiss and Greatest Love hunts

It’s slow-going out there. A laggy weekend, plus a few stores that don’t seem to have put out their prizes (which means the hunters don’t have the landmarks to the next location) and the fact that some stores are participating in both hunts… leads Mar to have a confused inventory. Ah well, it’s all good fun!

This cute outfit is one of my favourites that I’ve put together so far from the Kiss hunt and a couple of freebies around the grid right now:

Skin – Rockberry (Kiss #238)

Hair – Diversity ‘Minx’ (Gummy Pink) (0L$)

Clothes – katat0nik Rina Dress (Kiss #68)

Jewellery – Pink Swirly Earrings (0L$ – Gnubie Store – edited to a lighter pink)

Shoes – Sn@tch Streetwalkers (Kiss #6)

Hop behind the cut for a few more.

Lemania Indigo has two gifts inside their single Greatest Love Hunt box:

Skin – Rockberry (Kiss #238)

Hair – Bewitched ‘City Chic’ (Aub) (0L$ in freebies section)

Dress – Lemania Indigo ‘Rose of My Heart’ (GLH Box #47)

Shoes – SIN ‘Michelle’ (Black) – (0L$)

Skin – Rockberry (Kiss #238)

Hair – HoH ‘Magic’ (Canapl – Jan 12th release gift, still in-store)

Dress – Lemania Indigo ‘Lady In Red’ (GLH Box #47)

Shoes – Chez Gigi Cherry Sundae Pumps (Kiss #70) – (wear the shoes, and wait for replacements; there was a problem with the originals)


February 7, 2009 - Posted by | dresses, freebies, hair, second life, shoes, skins, treasure hunt

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