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Shoes, glorious shoes

“Shoes, glorious shoes… pumps, flatties and high heels!”

I think it’s pretty much a fact, ladies, that we love our shoes. And if we can find shoes on the cheap (or better still, free) in Second Life, then all the better!

I’ve been trawling through some listings on XStreet SL, and rattling around in-world, and if you hop behind the cut I’ll show you some cheapies and freebies that I’ve come up with.

First up, on XStreet SL, we have SIN’s oh-so-cute “Erica Flats” in grey (lots of other colours available), which you can find here

SIN has some great freebie shoes that you can get delivered to you in-world. I’ve sorted the store items by price, from lowest to highest, so you’ll see the freebies first. Click here for the full list.

Many of the 0L$ shoes you’ll find on XStreet SL are demo versions, but there are quite a few really great pairs of non-demo shoes out there for free.

More from SIN (check the ‘full list’ link above). These “Michelle” pumps come in several colours, but I bought black. They’re a great basic pair of pumps:

These are SIN’s cute little “Rolfette” shoes:

They also have some great summery shoes, called “Katie”, which I bought in three colours:

The orange ones go beautifully with the free Persona Summer Dress:

For those into LoLi style, [may] are offering on XStreet SL a great pair of free LoLi shoes:

You all know Tesla, right? Most likely you own Tesla Miles’s great free Mary Janes, and possibly you stalk her lucky chair. Well on Xstreet SL she has fab basic pumps (Elaine), (Dorothy) and (Jackie) – the latter of which I didn’t get, for some reason!

Currently, at the Ztique store, there is a pair of fabulous red ‘Vampish’ shoes on the table, for 15L$ –

While at Ztique, look behind you for the 1L$ ‘Valentine’ shoes, too:

Head over to Sarah Nerd’s when you have some time to spare. Brave the lag and the bite-spamming vampires, and hang around the Shoe Fly Shoes lucky chairs (follow the arrow to the beam to find them). The chairs change every 30 minutes or so, but the prize is well worth the wait. The metal panel on the shoes’ front is monogrammed with your initial:

Got a bright yellow outfit that you simply can’t find shoes for? A bumblebee costume? Or simply an all-black outfit that you’d love a fab pair of bright shoes to go with, to really make a statement? Try these “Lilith” shoes in lime, from Ilayda, on Xstreet SL:

24 Shoo-Shoes are offering on Xstreet SL these “Lost Meg” shoes for just 1L$:

Again on Xstreet SL, Baseva Moda have a great free pair of violet slingbacks (and you know how much Mar loves her purples!) –

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