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Zombie fun with Sn@tch

This weeks’ group gift from Sn@tch (and no, you don’t have to be in the group to get them) is a fabulous, freaky pair of bright green and red ‘Zombie Bitch’ stilettos:

They’ll only be out until the middle of next week, and you can find them by the desk in the corner, near the Sn@tch Freebie TV.

OK, so those are fantastic shoes. Really unusual. But… what the hell do you wear them with?!

Hop behind the cut, because I’ve been touring the usual freebie places to put together some wild and wonderful outfits that you could wear while you’re stompin’ zombies with those killer heels.

My shopping list, by location:

The Gnubie Store

Shiny Things Knotted Bead Strand (ruby), Shiny Things Knotted Bead Strand (mother of pearl), Shiny Things Rose Beaded Necklace – all 0L$

HoseQueen Distressed Black Leather – 0L$

Deadly Nightshade Freebies for Girlz – 0L$

Canimal – Rigamortis Skins, Gothique Lolita, Bloody, Pirate Brat – 1L$ each

The Free Dove

Free Gift from the House RFyre – 0L$ (on far wall, in hair section)

Addictions Latex Outfit – 0L$ (women’s clothes counter, behind men’s shoes)

Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise

Ladies Mini-Kilt (in far SE corner) – 0L$

Cursed Top and Pants (in far SE corner) – 0L$

Savoir Hair

Crimson & Clover “Yoko” fatpack – 0L$

Lag Designs “Fringe” – 1L$


Zombie Bitch Stilettos – 0L$

Spiderbaby Dress – 50L$ (riotvendor lowest price – could be higher if fewer avatars in the store)

And here are my outfits!

And this final outfit includes the current Riot Vendor item at Sn@tch. The way Riot Vendors (aka Mob Vendors) work is simple: the more people in the store, the lower the price goes, until it hits the lowest price the store-owner has set for it. This Spiderbaby dress has a lowest price of 50L$, and it’s located right next to the lucky chairs. Go there when there’s a lot of avatars hanging around the chairs and you should get it for that price:


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