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Oh honey no: You only need one

She can’t be using Windlight, right? She honestly must not be able to see the fact that, well, nobody can see. She could be wearing an astoundingly expensive skin but who could tell? (OK, her torso and face hadn’t rezzed, but believe me when it had it wasn’t much clearer.)

Ladies. If you’re not running Windlight, then don’t wear facelights, for the simple reason that you will not be able to SEE just how powerful the myriad balls attached to your person might be. And for heaven’s sake, the maximum number of local lights that the SL viewer can render is six.

You only need one. Two or three at most. Eight? That’s kind of… yeah.


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Lucky Chair etiquette – saying ‘thank you’

Excuse me if I’m textually gnashing my teeth here, but I’ve spent a short while today, hovering around the three Shoe Fly Shoes lucky chairs at Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise. For those not in the know, Shoe Fly Shoes are offering a fabulous pair of superb designer quality monogrammed red leather shoes in these chairs. The letters don’t change all that regularly (around every 30 minutes or so) so while I was there, I kept scanning my radar to see if anyone with the current letters was in range.

Four times, people were. And so I sent four IMs: one to each person. The IM consisted of something that could be understood hopefully by most languages: Shoe Fly Shoes Lucky Chair at Sarah Nerds = ‘T’ (or whichever letter the person’s name began with) followed by the SLurl of my exact location in front of the chairs.

The first person I sent the IM to didn’t reply, even though I could see her eyeline moving (I had ‘show look at’ enabled), so I knew she wasn’t AFK. The second – who was standing about 10m away from me teleported out a minute later, was still online when I checked her profile, but didn’t bother to reply, not even to say ‘thanks but no thanks’. The third, again standing close by, said, ‘OK’ and didn’t move, then teleported out (to be fair, I don’t think English was her first language).

The fourth, however, walked over to the chairs, sat down and received her prize, then got up and walked away again without so much as a ‘thank you’. This was not a newbie avatar; she was created in 2007. She had English as a language spoken in her profile. I had cammed across the entire store to find her so I could send the IM.

People, if someone helps you to win an awesome lucky chair prize, a simple ‘thank you’ costs nothing.

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