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Inventory-sorting: Stealth inventory bloaters! (part 2)

Following on from my first ‘stealth inventory bloaters’ post, here’s another thing that is clogging your inventory without you giving it much thought. We’re down to the nitty gritty here: a few items here and a few items there. It’s going to take you a while to find all these and archive them, but in the long run your inventory will thank you for it (and you’ll thank yourself when it comes to choosing outfits!)

Hop behind the cut to find out why size matters.

More and more often, SL’s designers are offering their wares in more than one size. Buy a belt or necklace and the folder you receive will contain both male and female sizes. Buy shoes, and you’ll get small, medium, large and sometimes extra large sizes included. Same with unisex outfits: the prim sections will possibly be in both male and female sizes.

Take a look at these boots in Mar’s inventory:

Now, Mar’s legs are one size and she’s never going to wear all of those other different sizes! All that she actually needs out of that folder, are: the shoe base, the foot sections (not the men’s ones) and the left and right leg sections that fit her best. Having tried on all the sizes, she’s going to archive the ones that she doesn’t wear. You could, of course, always just chuck ’em, but if there’s a chance you might change your avatar’s shape in the future, you might want to hang onto them.

So from that lot, Mar has kept five items out of the 13 in the folder. Let’s try another footwear item:

Again, she only needs the shoe base (women’s) and the two women’s painter shoes. That’s three items kept out of a total of 16 (I didn’t need the notecard, so I ditched that).

Lastly, an outfit:

A bit less to throw away here (and be careful, because in the case of Silent Sparrow clothes at least, sometimes the men’s items are different from the female ones, so you could be throwing away or archiving a completely new outfit that you might want to try resizing instead!) but Mar got rid of the two men’s-size cuffs in the folder.

A further hint: if your avatar is a unisex one, in that you flit between male and female, try creating a new top-level folder for your lesser-used gender avatar, and filing all the relevant clothes in it. This should include the relevant sized shoes, as above. So if Mar wanted to create a male avatar, instead of throwing away the male versions of the shoes and boots depicted above, she would try them all on, find the pair that fitted her male avatar best, and file those in a new folder inside her ‘male avatar’ folder. Then, she would archive or delete the rest. This will make things a lot easier to find when you switch avatar gender.


January 17, 2009 - Posted by | hints and tips, inventory management, second life

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