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Mar’s ponderings: Search terms

I started this blog with WordPress because I liked the ease of posting, the dashboard (which has recently been greatly improved) and most of all the great stats package offered.

One of the things that stats package contains is a daily list of search terms that bring people to this blog. Usually they’re very relevant to the theme of SL for Nowt: things like second life guy freebies blog, inventory management tips blogs and best male hair in sl.

Sometimes, though, I end up in fits of the giggles at some of the weird and wonderful (and clearly unintentional) search terms that bring people to the blog. Half the fun of it is trying to figure out how on earth those words brought up SL for Nowt, but usually it turns out to be obvious. Not always, though, as you can see below.

A sample from recent days:

girls with no knickers on (that would be from the Non-Newbieness for Girls post where I discussed layers, and why Roxie’s knickers were showing above her pants)

great arse (really, I’m terribly flattered!)

how can boys hide spots fast (no, I don’t have a clue about this one either…)

centerfold girls (try the top shelf)

panties out of the jeans (you’re nothing but a bunch of pervs!)

a guy with two working penises (O_o)

I’ll keep you posted on any further hilarities ;)


January 12, 2009 - Posted by | mar's ponderings


  1. Aren’t you just making it worse by including those keywords now in your post? :P

    Comment by Takafumi Farina | January 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. Most likely, but it’ll be an interesting exercise to see whether this particular page gets pulled up more often now ;)

    Comment by Mar | January 12, 2009 | Reply

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