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KA Designs colour co-ordinated footwear

KA Designs are offering great sculpted shoes and boots at their location in Island Astra. There’s one pair of strappy shoes for 1L$, and many other pairs of strappy shoes and ‘sexxxy’ sculpted pumps for 20L$ per pair, and some fabulous sculpted boots for 30L$ per pair. If you need some colour co-ordinated footwear for your outfits, then head to KA Designs. (I should point out that this store is an offshoot of KA Designs’ mainstore, and is located in an escort/stripper mall area. These cheaper items are, to the best of my knowledge only available at this location, so browse with care!)

This is the 30L boots colour range:

Hop behind the cut for more pics.

This is the 20L$ ‘sexxxy pumps’ colour range:

Mar models the four pairs of sexxxy pumps that she bought, to go with various outfits:

These are the 1L$ strappy sandals. There are lots of other colours available (although, from memory, those were 20L$ a pair, but don’t quote me on that!)

Mar couldn’t resist the black boots. Great basics to go with any outfit:

And for when she’s got her ‘purple look’ on, these ones are just perfect:


January 12, 2009 - Posted by | boots, cheapies, dollarbies, second life, shoes

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