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Inventory-sorting: Stealth inventory bloaters!

How’s everyone doing with their inventory-sorting? I suspect, what with the plethora of Christmas hunts (notably the 400-ish item Peace on Earth hunt) most of you are staring, slack-jawed at your inventories, then running off for a stiff drink ;)

Just to rub it in I’m going to blog here about one inventory bloater that creeps in on stealthy feet. You probably don’t even realise it’s there. I know I didn’t, until I randomly started looking through a few folders.

What is it? Hop behind the cut and find out.

So there you are, having put together an awesome new outfit. You’ve got a top from here, a skirt from there, shoes from that store and jewellery from another one. There’s no way on earth you’ll remember where all those bits came from, to put together that look again, so what do you do?

You make an outfit, of course. You give the outfit a name, check all the boxes, and hey presto: any time you want to wear that outfit again you either drag the folder onto your avatar, or right-click the folder and select ‘replace outfit’.

Hm. OK, did you check all those boxes? You know… skin, hair, shape, eyes, etc?

Why? If you tend to wear the same shape and skin and eyes (I know a lot of us do change our hair to go with different outfits) you do realise what constantly checking those boxes every time will do (assuming those items are copiable)?

Yup. Another copy of that item will be spawned into your inventory. Fave pair of shoes? Got them in every outfit? How’s this for a shocker when Mar checked her outfit folders:

In total, counting the pair she already had in her ‘shoes’ folder, she had 45 of those shoe items. Given that there are three items in each ‘set’ that means she had 15 identical pairs of shoes in her inventory. She only needs one pair!

So then I got to looking through my outfit folders. Before I knew it, I’d thrown out 25 AOs, 22 walk overrides, 15 copies of the Proton Ponytail hair Mar wore when she first started SL, 28 flight feathers, 8 radar HUDs, and 2 copies each of two later hairstyles that she wore.

In total I threw out 151 identical items.

Now, I realise many of us use different shape and skin and hair combinations, depending on what look we want. We may have a goth look, a vampire look, a grunge or Neko look. But there’s no need to add the ‘basic items’ (skin, shape etc) to every clothing folder you create when making an outfit. Instead, make a new folder and call it something like ‘Vampire Basics’. Inside that, just place copies of what you need (just the items specific to that look, so skin, shape, hair, and things like combat HUDS for roleplay areas, specific AOs for that look, etc), like this:


You can then simply use ‘add to outfit’ instead of ‘replace outfit’ to wear your items.

Note: Beware. If you just ‘replace outfit’ with your basics, you’ll end up wearing nothing but those basics – in Mar’s case up there, her shape, skin, hair, eyes, and AO. However, if you ‘add to outfit’ you’ll just be adding/replacing those individual items, and can then ‘add to outfit’ your specific clothing items afterwards.


January 10, 2009 - Posted by | hints and tips, inventory management, second life


  1. 358 items deleted!! Thanks, Mar!! Thanks, thanks, thanks!! :)

    Comment by lailachariot | January 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. *grins* You’re very welcome, laila! It’s surprising the stuff that creeps in there without us even realising!

    Comment by Mar | January 10, 2009 | Reply

  3. I keep a Firebird Basic folder in my inv, with my “default” skin, hair, shape, and eyes. I also have a set of newbieish clothing in there cos chances are I’m switching from a non-human form when I dip into this folder, and I don’t want to end up naked. I change to something decent afterwards.

    Comment by Firebird | April 18, 2009 | Reply

  4. Great suggestion, Firebird, especially for those that switch avatars quite drastically. I have a ‘Mar – current’ folder which holds my current shape, skin, eyes, basic hair and outfit/shoes, so that when I change into male incarnation for a blogpost for the guys, I’m not left rummaging through hundreds of folders trying to find girly-me again!

    Comment by Mar | April 24, 2009 | Reply

  5. […] Stealth Inventory Bloaters! – checking all the boxes when creating an outfit is not a good idea […]

    Pingback by Inventory Management 101 « SL for Nowt « Ashes To Ashes, Sale To Sale | July 15, 2009 | Reply

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