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If there’s one Subscribomatic you need to click in Second Life, it’s the one at Pixeldolls mainstore in Port Seraphine. They are incredibly generous to their Subscribomatic members, with group gifts, sample items and other goodies going out on a very regular basis. What I love about the group is that many of the gifts and samples come in just one or two of the various colours their clothing items are available in, so you can put together whole outfits from the gifts.

Just head to the store (SLurl in the link above) and click the sign. Wait a few seconds, and you should receive a big bundle o’ gorgeousness. Take it somewhere you can rez the box, and then unpack all the goodies inside. While you’re at the store, though, hang around for the lucky chair (right next to the Subscribomatic sign) and take a wander around the halls. Look out for the adverts with red borders. Those are bargain items, often fatpacks of great quality items to be had for just 10L$. That’s a price that’s well worth it, even if you only like, say, the top section of a full dress outfit! Remember your mixing and matching, ladies! (Guys, there are a few nice items for 10L$ in the outfits section [Edited to add: direct SLurl to those is here], so check those out.)

Hop behind the cut for pics of the group gifts.

Putting together two of the group gifts here: the Sequinned Tank Dress and one pair of the Leggings (which come in eight designs). Teal is one of the main colours your group gifts are in, so you can put together several outfits. Everything also comes on just about every layer imaginable, so you’re spoilt for choice!

The gorgeous Wool Plaid Coat:

Tucked in with that coat are Wool Plaid Gloves, in three lengths. Shown here are the medium ones:

This is the Drape Knit Dress, again in teal:

There are three packs of lovely underwear items in the group gift: Bra Sets (5 styles), Lowrise Panties (3 styles) and Thong Panties (3 styles). Shown here are a mix of them. Again, all in teal, so you can wear the bras (which are so pretty they shouldn’t be hidden!) under open jackets, etc:

This is the Gloss Swimwear set in indigo (one of the other main colours you’ll receive items in). Again, on all layers, and offered as a bikini or a onepiece bathing suit:

The Amity dress:

High Button Miniskirt. You only get the skirt with this, so I’ve paired it with a free camisole from Pedalpusher Designs (available only at The Free Dove) and on the right with one of the tops from Pixeldolls’ Via Rouge outfit (which cost me just 10L$!)

The Helene dress in indigo is a sample outfit only, hence the different-coloured panel at the front of the skirt. You can’t wear the skirt, but you can team the lovely top with another pair of pants or a skirt:

The sexy little Halter Mini:

The Print Bikini:

Walking around the Pixeldolls store, I found a section by another designer, who had these great basic jeans for just 1L$ for four pairs (two styles [skinny and straight leg] in two types: normal and for boots)

Ribbon Boots. I had to adjust these (they’re modifiable – yay!). I clicked to edit them, then checked ‘edit linked parts’. The boot upper sections just needed stretching a teensy bit out either side and at the front, to stop my legs from poking through. Never be afraid to make edits on your clothing (make a backup copy first, if you’re a bit nervous of messing up!)

Pinstripe Booty Shorts n’ Tights (top, as before, from Pedalpusher Designs)

And here’s the big surprise: inside the group gift box you’ll find a fatpack of eight skins by Stella di Roccia. Not only do you get eight skintones, you also get prim lashes and a very subtle facelight:

Well, what are you waiting for? LOL! Subscribomatic groups don’t take up any of your group slots, which is a bonus. Keep an eye out for the Pixeldolls ‘blue flags’ when they drop down in your viewer. They’re always worth accepting!


December 29, 2008 - Posted by | accessories, dresses, freebies, group freebies, lucky chairs, second life, shoes, skins, subscribomatic


  1. Brilliant, thanks :D

    Will have a peek when SL decides to work for me again! ;)


    Comment by Bryony Dirval | December 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. I just got the RSS alert from the Status Desk. SNAFU again! *rolls her eyes*

    Comment by Mar | December 30, 2008 | Reply

  3. Couldn’t find the men’s items you mentioned in this statement:
    “Guys, there are a few nice items for 10L$ in the separates section, so check those out.”
    Could you be more specific? Thanks for your great blog.

    Comment by michael | December 30, 2008 | Reply

  4. Here’s a direct SLurl, Michael:

    There are just three or four unisex items at that location (the best two are on the lower two rows: both called ‘Gideon’). The shoes in the sets are system shoes, but the pants, tops and jackets look pretty nice for 10L$ :)

    (I just realised it’s in the Outfits section, so thanks for pointing that out! I’ll edit the post accordingly, and include the SLurl.)

    Comment by Mar | December 30, 2008 | Reply

  5. Thanks, Mar. That was very helpful.

    Comment by michael | December 31, 2008 | Reply

  6. […] do hope you joined the Pixeldolls subscribomatic when I urged you to a while back, because they just sent out a gorgeous group gift of five ‘Anna skins (ten, if […]

    Pingback by Group gifts from Kunglers & Pixeldolls « SL for Nowt | March 10, 2009 | Reply

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