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‘Too bright’ to ‘just right’: Editing prim clothing items

UPDATE: The avatar mesh has now been changed from grey to white, so you may find this tutorial useful if you have darker prim clothing items. Just use the instructions that I gave for tinting the items grey, and click the white colour option in the palette instead :)

We’ve all got them: great items of clothing that include prim parts, be they skirt sections or prim pant cuffs. If we look at them using an old Second Life viewer, they look just fine. But with the advent of Windlight, Second Life’s dynamic lighting system, those prim sections can appear way too bright, and ruin the effect of the clothing.

If those prim sections are modifiable, though, there is a trick that will make them look much better. Of course, anyone still using a pre-Windlight viewer might wonder why those prim sections are a bit darker than the rest of your clothing, but for those using a Windlight-era viewer your clothing will look much better.

So hop behind the cut, where I’ll show you the simple trick for going from ‘too bright’ to ‘just right’.

Let’s take this lovely freebie summer dress from Persona. I had to edit this for the ‘Vintage Fashion on a Budget’ post because my Windlight viewer made the skirt prims look much brighter than the system parts of the dress:

Right-click on the prim item you want to edit, and select ‘Edit’ from the pie menu. Then, check the ‘General’ tab of the edit window, to make sure you can modify the item:

If you can, then great! Move to the ‘Texture’ tab:

Click the ‘Color’ box and in the next window, start to click high up in the tall gradient bar of white-to-black on the far right. Begin fairly high up, and watch the colour of your prim item changing. Make sure the ‘apply immediately’ box is checked:

You may have to click and ‘select’ several times before you find a shade of very light grey that blends the fabric colour of the prim item with the fabric colour of the system clothing, but when you do find the colour, select it:

In this example, I could probably go a little bit lighter, as the grey shading I added made the lighter floral detail near the bottom of the skirt look a shade too dark. But it looks far better than the very bright colouring I had before:

This technique works particularly well on pale items of clothing (especially white and shades of cream). Don’t be afraid to try it out. If you don’t like the end results, just remove the shading by clicking the white colour in that ‘Color’ window.

December 27, 2008 - Posted by | hints and tips, second life


  1. You know, I have several outfits were the skirt was always a shade too bright and today I used this technique. Thank you so much!

    Comment by Lilyana | December 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. I’m glad it helped you, Lilyana :)

    Comment by Mar | December 29, 2008 | Reply

  3. […] geeky news Remember my blog post about tinting prim items of clothing so they match up with the system items in an outfit? Once the current Release Candidate 1.22 viewer […]

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