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But Christmas is over!

I know, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still gifts lying around out there. You’ve gotta be quick, though! I missed these in my earlier post about the store, but there are eight gifts under the tree at Sweeter Than Candy. Four of them contain Christmas items (five, if you count the red socks!) but the others contain non-Christmassy things. Quick set of screenshots when you hop behind the cut, as I want to get this posted fast!

Gift #1 is a Santa outfit. Make a new folder in your Clothing inventory folder (if you haven’t already!) and call it ‘Seasonal items’. Inside that, make another folder called ‘Christmas’ (and yes, while you’re at it, make one for Halloween, so you can file all those witchy costumes away, too!) Start pulling all of your Christmas things into the Christmas folder, so you’ll know where to find them next year.

Ladies, remember your mixing and matching. This is a gorgeous flirty little red skirt. Don’t just save it for Christmas!

Gift #2 is a fantastic full outfit with multiple wearing options. It also includes a great pair of stomper boots. Thanks, Roxie, for blinking when I took this picture…

Another wearing option:

If you want a Tank Girl kind of look, then the little army shorts look great without the skirt, too:

Gift #3 is a cute pair of stripey red socks. The prim sections are adjustable, so you can stretch them to fit if bits of the under-sock layer poke through:

Gift #4 contains two pairs of sunglasses. Melrose in aqua, for the ladies:

And Raven in smoke for the gents:

Another one for your Christmas folder, gift #5 holds these Christmas boots:

Gift #6 has this cuter than cute little reindeer with a holding pose:

#7 is Charlie Tree. Ain’t it cute?

Gift #8 has a pink pair of PJs and piggy slippers:

And a teddy bear with holding pose:

Move fast, because these may only be out for another day or so!


December 27, 2008 - Posted by | accessories, Christmas, for the guys, freebies, second life, shoes

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