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Vintage fashion on a budget (part 1)

I love vintage fashion, and it seems that many people in Second Life are with me on that, given the number of stores offering high-quality retro items. There’s even a whole sim of retro fashion: Retrology (take an afternoon and wander around there sometime; it’s a great place).

So I thought I would put together a post containing freebie items that you can wear to give your avatar a vintage look. Hop behind the cut for lots of links and pictures!

All except one of these items was completely free (and the non-free item was only 1L$), and one of the items is a Peace on Earth Hunt gift, so it’s only available until Dec 31st 2008.

We begin at Bijou, where there is a gorgeous fatpack short and glamorous dress set called ‘Diva’ (also two other free items there, so make sure you grab those!):

It comes as a dress, as shown above, and also with even more glammy evening accessories, including long satin gloves, a velvet cape, and a ribbon corsage:

Persona have a free summer dress with a lovely vintage feel. It’s available in many freebie locations such as The Free Dove and FabFree, and you can also find it at the Persona store on their freebie wall, together with several other fab items:

Pedalpusher Designs is currently not in-world, but this lovely freebie outfit is still in The Free Dove (the link will take you directly to the bag in the store). Perfect for the beach, or for those sunny days! (Ladies, you’ll need to either find or make panties to wear with this outfit, as it doesn’t come with either panties or glitch pants.)

Deka Fashions have two freebie items available in the Fabulously Free store (and a couple more in their own store location, although those are not vintage). At Fab Free we have this ‘Bosa’ outfit, which looks equally good with and without the collar:

And this ‘Noel’ top, which I’ve teamed with the ‘Bosa’ skirt (mixing and matching is your friend, ladies!):

Moving onto Icing, which is a store dedicated to vintage fashion. Check out their freebie cabinet! First we have the Night Mist dress, shown here with the free Princess Pearl bracelet:

For a more summery look, try the Petit Baiser dress:

Ingenue is another store for vintage fashion, and they have a wall of freebies available. This fabulous glam bikini is their tribute to the late Bettie Paige:

They also have a cute little capri set:

A glitzy Screen Siren frock:

Aaaand until Dec 31st 2008 you can get this gorgeous ‘East West ~ Scarlett’ outfit as Ingenue’s Peace on Earth hunt gift. It’s really easy to find; just head right when you enter the store:

This is the only dollarbie in this post: Ingenue’s Pink Hawaiian outfit:

Don’t forget you can mix and match, ladies! This is the Scarlett corset paired with Deka’s Bosa skirt:

Moving onto vintage hair (because if you get the hair right, everything else will look all the more realistic), the following are all available free at Savoir Hair. First up, Ingenue’s “Scarlett” style, which comes without bows:

and with them:

JetDoll offer this “Vintage Vixen” style, which is very Bettie Paige:

For those that want to move a little more toward the 1950s, Kaiti designs has this ‘Sandee’ style (again, from Savoir Hair):

And twisting and shouting our way into the 60s (because it’s such a fantastic style, I had to include it!) BishWear has this ‘Serafina’ style:

For shoes that fit the bill of the era, you can’t go wrong with Tesla‘s free ‘Elise 2’ Mary Janes:

Back in the Icing freebie cabinet (scroll back for the link!) there is a pair of colour-changing wooden wedges that will go nicely with the more summery outfits. Just follow the instructions included to change the colours:

And that concludes this part of my vintage fashion post. Rather a lot of pictures, I’m afraid! I’ve already found more items that I want to feature, but that will be for another post. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy wearing these gorgeous retro fashions :)


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