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Newbie Notes: No place like Home

Second Life is a fabulous place, and you can spend hours getting lost and wandering from place to place. Some people love the nomadic life, but others kind of yearn for a place to call Home.

At the New Citizens Inc Home Spot in Kuula, you can have a place to call Home. Search Groups for “New Citizens Inc.” and join the group (it’s free, and it’s the one with several thousand members). Then, head to the NCI Home Spot at their Kuula location, and while wearing your NCI group tag, navigate the menus in your SL viewer: World > Set Home to Here. You should see a blue popup flag in the lower-right of your viewer, telling you “Home position set”.

Edit: Now you can set your Home spot at any of the NCI campuses. Just look for the Home Spot ‘stone’ that you see in the image below.

Now, whenever you either open up your Map and click the ‘Home’ button, or use the hotkey combination [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+H you’ll teleport directly to your new Home location.

Here’s a pic of Roxie standing on the Home Spot (it’s actually a little bigger than that; you don’t have to stand directly on the stone) –

To check if you’re in the Home Spot, look at the top of your viewer, and you should see this:

NOTE: The NCI group is a very active one. As a newbie, you will find their many tutorials and classes very useful, but they send out a LOT of group notices. Your Home location will remain set at NCI, even if you leave the group, but if you want to remain in the group and opt out of receiving group notices then you can. Just click the group name in your Communicate > Contacts tab, click the ‘info’ button and uncheck the box at the bottom of the window that says ‘Receive group notices’. You can still check for anything you might miss that way by using the Notices tab on that same window.

NCI is a great place for newbies, so take some time to check it all out one day :)


December 24, 2008 - Posted by | hints and tips, newbie notes, newbies, second life, sl basics

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