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Bewitched Hair Christmas gifts and freebies

Get your skates on (you must have a pair in your inventory by now!) for the Christmas gifts under the tree at Bewitched Hair. There are several boxes of hair available in single colours:

When you’re done at the tree, head to the freebie section in the store, where you will find twelve free fatpacks of hair:

I enlisted the help of my alt, Roxie, and if you hop behind the cut she’ll model most of the styles for you. (Be warned; this post is rather image-heavy!)

First, the Christmas tree free gifts. You’d better run for these ones, because I have no idea how long they’ll be out for!

A bit late for Halloween, but hold it in inventory for next year:

Bunny comes with a texture-change hat:

Roxie’s going to be sticking with this next style for a while:

Dove has a long ponytail, which was hard to show while still showing the lovely fall of hair at the front (so I didn’t show the ponytail *g*)

This final gift is awesome:

Now onto the freebies. These are in big fatpacks, with a lot of colours. I just picked one colour from each pack to show you.

First up, Alexsis, which has a texture-change hat:

The Camille style also comes with a funky hat:

Kylie comes without bangs…

…and with them (colour-change to match whichever colour of hair you’re wearing)

Rain is a beautiful style that comes without decoration…

…and with three different-coloured lilies to decorate the hairstyle:


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