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You know what? Bugger winter!

Note: This isn’t a freebie post. Mar’s skin and hair were 1L$/0L$ but the rest of her outfit was paid-for. This is just to show you her new look :)

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but Mar’s looking delightful…

Yes, I’m sick of winter already. At least in Second Life we don’t have to wrap up warm (although we can do, if we choose to). So I’ve put together a new look for Mar, and you could say it has a touch of the Nicole Kidman’s about it. Not all of it is free (very little, in fact) – it’s one of my very few ‘paid-for’ looks. (The skin, however, is a dollarbie, and the hair was the last free release gift from House of Heart, so it’s partially free!)

The shape is my new shape from my Ladies’ Starter Kit (scroll down a few posts to find that). The skin is the 1L$ ‘Cornsilk’ skin from Style Your Destiny. The hair is House of Heart’s ‘Magic’ in Irish Red (which was in the Dec 5th free hair release pack). The dress is one I bought at Relay For Life this year, from Bossa Nova (‘Primavera’, in ‘garden’: all proceeds from sales to RFL), and the shoes are my one big luxury: Adam n’ Eve’s ‘Lotus’ shoes in chartreuse.

A couple more pics behind the cut, of Mar’s new and very distinctive look!

And keeping my in-world profile pic up to date:


December 23, 2008 - Posted by | mar's ponderings

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