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Haute Style December dress & HoH Hunt

You may think you have enough red items in your inventory by now, but I assure you: you haven’t! Haute Style & Co are offering a free red dress this month at their location in House of Heart Mall:

House of Heart Mall are also holding a ’12 Days of Christmas’ hunt. Yes, I know: you’re all ‘hunted-out’ by now! As the name suggests the gifts are being put out over twelve days. The hunt gifts from all the days are in the mall (you can see one of them in the above picture) and all of them (save just one gift per day) cost 10L each.

Now, considering there are 12 gifts on day one, 11 on day two, 10 on day three etc, if you bought all the 10L$ gifts you’d end up spending quite a lot of money. So, in the SL4Nowt spirit, I just hunted for and ‘bought’ the 0L$ gifts that had been put out (there will be 12 in total, by the last day of the hunt). All of the items are ‘mystery gifts’, so you won’t know what you’ve got until you unwrap them.

While you’re at House of Heart, click to get the current free hair release set (Dec 13th). You can find those dotted around the mall on little easels.


December 23, 2008 - Posted by | dresses, freebies, hair, treasure hunt

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